2007 Charwin news

Jan 14 - Am/Can Ch, Can OTCh Charwin Tea For Two, Am CD, Can TD, Am/Can WC, NA, NAJ, Can AG.I, SGDC,
AADC,ADC-S, FDCh-G earns his second Am CDX leg.
Jan 28 - Tetley finishes his A.G.X. for title number 24!

Feb 3 - Ch Charwin Ricochet,WCX,JH,RA finishes his NJP with First Place and earns his second NAP leg with Second Place
(despite me trying to not finish the course...)
Feb 4 - Dodger finishes his NAP with First Place.
Feb 11 - Dodger earns his second WR leg

Mar 11 - Dodger earns his first CD leg with High in Trial!

Mar 17 - Dodger earns his second CD leg with First place.

Mar 18 - Dodger finishes his CD with First place.
Mar 18 - Tetley earns his V-AGDC for title #25.
Mar 24 - Dodger earns his first SH leg.
Mar 31 - Ch Charwin Tracer,WCQ,MH,RN earns his ROM.

Apr 13 - Charwin Ripcurl,WC earns a Basic Herding Instinct, Level 1 certificate from the American International Herding Dog Assn

May 12 - Dodger earns his first NA leg with First place.

photo by Tien Tran

May 13 - Dodger earns his first NAJ leg with First place.
May 20 - Dodger earns his WCQ.
May 20 - Tetley finishes his V-MADC and V-MJDC for titles #26 & 27!
May 22 - Tetley is top obedience Curly in Canada in 2006.
May 25 - Flint earns his first CD leg with Second place and Dodger earns his first CDX leg.
May 26 - Flint earns his second CD leg with Fourth place.
May 27 - Flint earns his third CD leg with First place. This also puts him in the Hall of Fame.

June 2 - Dodger earns his second CDX leg.
June 3 - Dodger finishes his CDX.
June 3 - Tetley qualifies for the Canadian National agility competition!

July 6 - Dodger earns his first ASCA CD leg, first NJ leg and his 2nd NAJ leg with 2nd place; Flint earned his first ASCA CD leg.

July 7 - Dodger earns his second ASCA CD leg with fourth place, his 2nd NJ leg, his 2nd NA leg with 3rd place and finishes his NAJ with 2nd place; Flint earns his second ASCA CD leg.

July 8 - Dodger finishes his ASCA CD with third place and earns his 3rd NJ leg; Flint finishes his ASCA CD.

July 21 - Dodger earns his first RE leg with Second place, and Flint earns his first RA leg with First place.
July 22 - Dodger earns his second RE leg with Fourth place, and Flint earns his second RA leg.

August 11 - Flint finishes his RA with a tie for Fourth, but of course I was too slow...
August 12 - Flint earns his first CDX leg and again he was fifth! ;-)
August 18 - Flint earns his second CDX leg with, ack, fifth...

September 16 - Dodger finishes his RE and Flint finishes his CDX with, you guessed it, "fifth place"!
September 23 - Dodger earns his second SH leg.
September 29 - Dodger earns 2 UCD legs (with two "fifths"!)
September 30 - Dodger finishes his UCD with ....

October 28 - Dodger earns his third SH leg.

photos by Avocet Communication

November 10 - Dodger finishes his SH.

November 17 - Flint earns his first U-CD leg with Third place!

December 8 - Dodger finishes his NA with Second place.
December 29 - Charwin Bling Bling wins her first point.

December 30 - BB wins two more points!

Titles in 2007 -

* 5 CDs
* 2 CDXs
* 1 RA
* 1 RE
* 1 WCQ
* 1 SH
* 1 NA
* 1 V-AGDC
* 1 A.G.X.
* 1 V-MADC
* 1 V-MJDC
* 1 NAP
* 1 NJP
* 1 NAP
* 1 ROM
* 1 HOF

Total = 21

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