2008 Charwin News

January 19 - Dodger earns two U-CDX legs with Third and Second place.
January 20 - Dodger finishes his U-CDX with Second place and an insurance leg with First place.
January 26 - Dodger earns his first UD leg with Fourth place.

February 3 - Dodger earns his second UD leg.
February 17 - Dodger finishes his UD!

February 28 - Sheba wins her first two Ch points!

February 29 - Sheba wins another point.

March 16 - Flint earns his second U-CD leg with Third place.

March 22 - Dodger wins Fourth in Utility B.
March 23 - Tetley finishes his RN for title number 28 and wins Fourth in Utility!

April 5 - Dodger earns his first U-UD leg with First place (well, we were the only entry...)
April 20 - Dodger wins 3rd in Utility, just out of the points - drat!
April 27 - Dodger wins 2nd in Utility & Open (just out of the points again!) to earn his first UDX leg.

May 5 - Tetley earns his first RA leg with First place.
May 8 - Dodger wins 1st in Utility B at the CCRCA specialty

May 9 - Bebe wins her 9 - 12 class and the Blaze son Ch Pizzazz Trigger wins BB at the CCRCA specialty.
May 17 - Tetley earns his VMSDC for title number 29!
May 18 - Dodger wins Second in Utility B for his first OTCh point and Invitational qualification!

May 29 - Tetley is #1 obedience Curly in Canada again!
May 30 - Bud wins 2 points.
May 31 - Dodger wins First in Utility B for 2 OTCh points.

May 31 - Bud wins 2 more points.

June 1 - Bud wins 2 more points.
June 15 - Dodger wins 2nd in Utility B for 1 more OTCh point. No more AKC obedience until fall - too hot!
June 28 - Dodger earns his first OA and OAJ legs, both with First place.
June 29 - Dodger earns his second OA and OAJ legs, both with First place.

July 4 - Dodger finishes his OAJ with First place - on to Excellent Jumpers for the rest of the weekend,
so there will be no more Jumpers news for awhile... ;-)
July 6 - Dodger finishes his OA with First place *and* earns his first AXJ leg with First place. A-mazing...

August 10 - Brisa wins a major.

September 12 - Proxy earns her first RN leg with Second place.
September 13 - Proxy earns her second RN leg but since I messed up no placement!

October 4 - Bebe wins her first major!
October 5 - Bebe wins 2 more points. Her littersister Brisa wins BOB at the CCRCSC's first A-OA match.
October 11 - Tetley finishes his 30th title!, Veteran Master Gambles Dog of Canada.
October 12 - Proxy finishes her RN with a tie for Second place but of course slow Mom got Third.

October 26 - Proxy earns her WC and first JH leg.

November 9 - Proxy earns her second JH leg.
November 10 - Tetley finishes his Master Team Relay title, Master Gambles Dog of Canada title and Agility Trial Champion!
November 15 - Dodger wins 2nd in Open and Utility for another OTCh point and his 2nd UDX leg.

December 6 - Dodger wins 3rd in Utility and q's in Open for his third UDX leg.

Titles for 2008 -

* 1 CDX
* 1 UD
* 2 RNs
* 1 WC
* 1 OA
* 1 OAJ
* 1 VATChc

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