2014 News

Jan 3 - Rapid wins Wild Card Novice.
Jan 4 - Proxy wins Graduate Open for her first GO leg.
Jan 11 - Teaz earns her second JH leg.

Jan 18 - Proxy wins Graduate Open for her second GO leg.
Jan 24 - Rapid earns his first CD leg with Second place.
Jan 25 - Rapid earns his second CD leg with Second place.

Mar 2 - Chai finishes her Can CD with Second place.

Apr 26 - Chai earns her U-CD with First, Third and Fourth place.

May 3 - The "Out" litter arrives! Four boys, four girls, all black
May 23 - Rapid earns his first RA leg tied for Third place, of course slow me gets Fourth.
May 24 - Rapid earns his second RA leg tied for First place, of course slow me gets Second, but I was closer!

June 7 - Rapid finishes his CD with First place.

July 20 - Chai earns her first Novice Standard agility leg.

Aug 23 - Teaz earns her first UD leg with Fourth place.

Aug 30 - Teaz earns her second UD leg with Second place and her sister Chai earns her first SHR leg.

Aug 31 - Teaz finishes her UD with Third place.

CCRCA National Specialty

Sept 13 - Teaz passes the WC again just for fun.
Sept 16 - Bebe wins Novice B for her first CD leg.
Sept 17 - Bebe wins BOS in Vet Sweeps and Sketcher's dad wins Best in Gundog Sweeps.

Oct 19 - Teaz wins Third in Utility B.
Oct 24 - Teaz earns her first UDX leg, going HIT and HC at the NCCCRC specialty.
Oct 25 - Teaz wins 2 points and Bebe finishes her CD.

Oct 26 - Teaz goes BOB over a special for a three point major, and Bebe finishes her RA.

Nov 16 - Teaz wins Utility B for four OTCh points.

Nov 21 - Teaz finishes her Ch.

Dec 6 - Teaz wins Utility B for six OTCh points and High in Trial.

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