2017 News

Jan 14 - Teaz wins Second in Utility B for one more OTCh point.

Jan 21 - Teaz wins Third in Utility B, just out of the points.

Jan 22 - Teaz wins Fourth in Utility B, just out of the points again!

Feb 2 - Teaz wins First in Utility B & High in Trial for four more points.

Feb 10 - Teaz wins First in Utility B and finishes her OTCh.

Feb 20 - Chai earns her second Novice PAD leg with First place, and Brisk earns her first NA leg with Fourth place. Chai is also the #1 Rally Curly in Canada for 2016 and has been invited to the Canadian Agility Invitational. Love that versatility!

Feb 22 - Bing earns her second leg on her RN with Second place
and second leg on her BN with Fourth place.

Feb 23 - Bing earns her RN title with Second place and her BN title with Fourth place.

Feb 25 - Sketcher earns two ASCA RN legs with First place and High Other breed on both, and Suede earns her first ASCA RN leg with Third place.

Feb 26 - Sketcher finishes his ASCA CD with First and Second place, High Other Breed and High in Trial.

Mar 3 - Chai earns her eighth Can A/E leg with First in Advanced B, and Brisk earns her first Can RA leg.

Mar 11 - Sketcher earns his third HRC Started leg.

Mar 17 - Sketcher earns his first RA leg with a perfect score and First place.

Mar 18 - Sketcher earns his second RA leg with a perfect score and First place,
and Teaz wins Third in Open B.

Mar 19 - Sketcher finishes his RA with another perfect score and First place, and...

Chai finished her Ag NPS and earned two Intermediate Standard legs, all with First place.

Apr 7 - Sketcher earns his first RE leg with First place,
and Teaz earns her fourth UDX leg with Fourth in Utility.

Apr 22 - Sketcher earns his second RE leg with First place.

Apr 23 - Sketcher finishes his RE despite me making a big error and earns Second in Preferred Novice.

May 6 - Chai finishes her Can RAE with three Seconds and a Third, and Brisk finishes her Can RA.

May 6 & 7 - Harlow earns her Can RA.

May 7 - Sketcher wins Preferred Novice.

May 12 - Sketcher wins Novice B for his first CD leg.

May 13 - Sketcher wins High in Trial for his second CD leg.

May 14 - Sketcher wins High in Trial to finish his CD.

June 3 - Sketcher earns two ASCA CDX legs with Second and Third.

June 4 - Sketcher finishes his ASCA RN with Fourth and earns his first ASCA RA leg with First.

June 10 - Sketcher earns his TKN, TKI and TKA trick titles.

June 18 - Sketcher earns his first CDX leg.

June 18 - Harlow earns her Can RE with two Thirds.

June 25 - Sketcher earns his second CDX leg.

June 27 - Sketcher finishes his CDX winning a run off for Third place.

July 8 - Sketcher wins Open B.

July 10 - Sketcher earns his WCX.

July 11 - Sketcher wins HIT at the CCRCA specialty.

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