2019 News

Jan 13 - Sketch wins Third in both Open and Utility for
another OTCh point and his third UDX2 leg.

Jan 27 - Sketch finishes his ASCA CDX with Hi Other Breed,
and earns his first ASCA UD leg with High in Trial.

Feb 3 - Sketch earns his second ASCA UD leg with First place.

Feb 9 - Sketcher earns his second Senior Hunter leg.

Feb 20 - Suede wins a five point major.
Feb 23 - Suede wins another five point major.

Feb 24 - Suede wins a four point major.
Feb 26 - Chai is #1 Curly in Canada in agility, obedience AND rally!
Mar 21 - Suede finishes her Ch.
Apr 11-14 - Sketcher earns his Mex, PanAm and FCI Chs with three group placements.

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