2024 News

Jan 13 - Sketcher wins Second in Utility for 4 more points and Q's in Open to finish his UDX6.

Jan 27 - Sketcher wins Third in Open and First in Utility
at an ASCA trial to finish the ASCA OTCh.

Feb 9 - Sketch wins Second in Open for 3 more points and Cracker earns his second RE
leg with a tie for First, but slow me makes us Second.

Feb 10 - Cracker finishes his RE

Feb 11 - Brisk earns her Versatility Gold, the first Curly to do so.

Feb 23 - Sketcher wins Open B for 4 more points.

Feb 24 - Sketcher wins Utility B for 6 more points and finishes his OTCh2.
He was also High Combined.

Mar 2 - Tater finishes his Ch! Ch Charwin Home Run, owned by Elizabeth Bailey.

Mar 3 - Sketch earns two U-CDX legs, with First place since he was the only entry.

Apr 6-7 - Cracker earns two HRC Started legs.

Apr 21 - Sketcher finishes his Versatility title with First place.

Apr 27 - Sketcher earns 198.5 to win ASCA Open, and Cracker also earns 198.5
for his first ASCA CD leg. Both 1/2 point out of HIT.

Apr 28 - Cracker earns two ASCA RA legs with Second and Third.
He did perfect, I don't know my right from my left.

May 25 - Cracker earns the WCX.

June 9 - Sketcher earns his first Preferred Open leg with First place
and Cracker earns his first CD leg with First and a tie for High Sporting.