First series, land double with double blind and honor

Series #1 - This was a walkup. The original line was left of what is here, about halfway between the cover and the line in the drawing. The "X" for the flyer is where they wanted it, but it ended up all over that area. The right hand blind was probably right at 100 yards, uphill. The left hand blind was about 10-15 feet past the cover, most dogs charged the hill and had to be brought back - also on the first mark down.

The honor was a walking honor on the other side of the skinny bit of cover and the honor dog ended up pretty close to the #1 bird when it went off.

Series #2 - Mixed double with bulldog

The line was on the side of a hill, the only real challenge to this was the bulldog was thrown pretty close to the dog as it returned from the #2 bird. Some dogs needed a handle on #1, which was probably 100 yards out but mowed cover.

Water triple with blind and diversion

Series #3 - The line was a blind set perpendicular to the water, dog on one side, handler on other. As the dog walked to the blind, the diversion was thrown and the dog that ran prior retrieved a dead duck from right in front of it. The working dog continued to the blind while this was going on. #1 was a breaking bird, #2 was a bit difficult to see because it was against the hillside, the flyer was sort of a gimme. The blind was a bitch as there is a fair amount of cover on the dike and I think almost all of the dogs wanted to hunt the dike rather than cast back into the water. After casting back into the water, the dog was out of sight for about 25 yards and many paralleled the dike and ran up the hill behind the trees - handler couldn't see the dog until it was either almost on where #2 bird had been, or up on top of the hill, unless they got lucky and the dog turned left instead of going uphill. The blind itself was behind a log, in the water next to the shore.