Lucky Kitty is our lucky charm. She goes every where the dogs go, as well as going on the occasional ~ gasp! ~ non-doggy vacation with Rick and I. She started out traveling with us in July 2004 and has been thru two cars (black Volvo wagon and a silver Volvo wagon), a van (the infamous Transhit), and a truck (Ford150) so far. Her current perch is occasionally on Rick's Ram truck or the Volvo, but usually on the dash of a Ram Promaster 1500 -

- and of course the license plate frame announces who the important passenger is!

She even went to Hawai'i with us in 2011.

LK started out life with darker stripes but like the rest of us, she has greyed out quite a bit over the years. Left is a picture of
LK in early days on my first Volvo wagon, and on right she is in Iris's Sprinter at the CCRCA national in 2018.

Lucky Kitty has been to almost all of the states so far, as well as Canada & Mexico.

Here is the first Lucky Kitty page and here is the most recent one.

Happy reading!