At the shelter, March 2019

Going home from the shelter

Playing first day

First day at home

Meeting Sketch

I taught him to walk on lead too, Apr 2019

He loves Lucky Kitty, May 2019

Playing with one of the dogs, Oct 2019

Oct 2019 in WA

I guess I talk too much, Dec 2019

Christmas 2019

Mostly he lays in his bed, Jan 2020

January 2020

playing fetch at Iris's house, Feb 2020
"helping" with housework

Sometimes he gets to bird watch, Feb 2020

Once he saw turkeys at Iris's house, he wanted to chase them, March 2020

Playing fetch at home, Mar 2020

He sleeps in bed with me and "helps" with crosswords, Mar 2020

He learned to go on trips in the van almost right away, Apr 2020.

He got comfortable with it quickly, May 2020

Christmas 2020

April 2021 - hard to work when someone is being cute

"Helping" me pack for another trip, July 2021

He's fascinated with the tub, Aug 2021

In an x-pen at a trial, Oct 2021

The panther lurks, Sept 2021.

Christmas 2021, the best part - boxes!

Taking care of me after my surgery, Aug 2022

Stealing the dog bed, Dec 2022

He finds interesting places to ride in the van, Feb 2023

Off to Arizona, March 2023.

Watching TV, May 2023.

Is that comfy??, May 2023

I think he missed me while I was gone, July 2023

Yummy dinner, Sep 2023

Checking things out from the back of the van, Feb 2024

Helping Sketch with articles, March 2024

Sitting like a human, May 2024