Here at Charwin, we do our best to select the best possible parents for each litter, to produce another generation of versatile pups ready and able to do it all. We emphasize structural and mental soundness in every breeding, as well as biddability, drive and birdiness. All breeding stock have their hips xrayed and cleared by OFA, their eyes recently cleared by an opthamologist and registered with CERF, their hearts cleared by echo no earlier than two years of age and registered with OFA, as well as DNA tested for EIC and GSDIII or clear by parentage.

To ensure the product of all this planning gets the best possible start, each litter is raised in the house and since I am retired, I am here all day to constantly interact with the pups, and expose them to different noises, surfaces and experiences. They are raised with the Bio Sensor program, as early neurological stimulation assures that each one will develop to full potential at whatever their new owners want them to be. All pups are introduced to birds, (and water if weather allows) scaled down agility equipment, and housebreaking is begun.

Because we believe in the quality of every puppy we sell, we offer the most comprehensive guarantee available and we are willing and happy to take back any one of our dogs at any time for any reason - our most important goal is that every dog lives in a home that loves and wants it.