Earned an HRC Started leg.
Earned the WC.
Earned the UWC.
Earned the BN with First, Third and Fourth place.
Earned the RN, with First & Third place.


Earned NAHRA Started title.
Earned his second HRC Started leg.
Earned U-CD with Fourth, Second and First place.
Earned U-SPOT-ON.
Earned CGC.
Earned CGCA.
Earned two ASCA CD legs with HIT on both.


* Earned ASCA RN with 2 Firsts & High Other Breeds, and one Fourth.
* Finished ASCA CD with First & Second, High Other Breed & High in Trial.
* Earned an HRC Started leg.
* Earned RA all with perfect scores & First place.
* Earned RE with two First places.
* Earned CD with 3 First places, & two High in Trials.
* Earned two ASCA CDX legs with Second and Third.
* Earned an ASCA RA leg with First.
* Earned TKN, TKI and TKA.
* Earned CDX winning a runoff for Third place.
* Earned WCX.
* Earned UD with Third & two First places.
* Won a High Combined.
* Earned two UDX legs.
* Won two OTCh points.
* Won four High in Trials.
* Qualified for the 2018 Obedience Invitational.
* Earned JH.
* Won seven Ch points including a major.


* Won 38 more OTCh points.
* Qualified for the 2019 Obedience Invitational.
* Won three High in Trials.
* Finished Ch with two more majors.
* Won five High Combineds.
* Finished the OM1 & OM2.
* Earned CA title.
* Finished HRC Started title.
* Earned WCQ.
* Finished ASCA RAX with two High Other Breed wins.
* Finished UDX.
* Earned UKC Ch with two Group 2s & a Gr 3
* Earned a Senior Hunter leg.
* Earned a NAHRA WR leg.