Earned WC
Earned 2 RN legs with Second & First place
Won two Ch points
Earned a BN leg with First place


Finished BN with First & Second place.
Finished RN.
Earned RA with First, Third & Fourth place.
Earned WCX.
Earned RE with First, Second & Third place.
Earned a CD leg with First place.
Won two more Ch points.


Won 2 more Ch points.
Earned two legs with First place to finish CD.
Earned a JH leg.
Earned CDX, with two Third & one Fourth place wins.


Earned another JH leg.
Earned UD with Fourth, Second and Third place.
Earned one UDX leg.
Had a litter of eight pups.
Earned 10 OTCh points and two wins.
Finished Ch including BOB over a special for a major.
Won two High in Trials.
Won a High Combined.
Qualified for the 2015 & 2016 National Obedience Championships


Earned 40 OTCh points and the third win.
Earned an HRC Started leg.
Earned a JH leg.
Earned two UDX legs.
Won 3 High in Trials.
Won a High Combined.
Earned NA with 2 Firsts and Third place.
Earned NAJ with Second, Third and Fourth place.
Earned UWC.
Finished OM1.
Qualified for the 2016 National Obedience Championship


Earned 44 OTCh points.
Won two High in Trials.
Earned a NAHRA Started leg.
Finished JH.
Qualified for the 2017 National Obedience Championship.


Earned 9 OTCh points and finished OTCh.
Won a High in Trial.
Earned another UDX leg.
Qualified for the 2018 National Obedience Championship