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Most folks put up a tribute page after a dog has passed, but I thought I'd jump the gun. Hopefully by many years! Diver has been the definition of "once in a lifetime dog" for me, in so many different ways, that I thought it was fitting to pay tribute to him now. He is the most titled male Curly in the world and was the most titled in both sexes until 2008.
Diver's first love is field work, and he did that well for nine years. He is the first and only Curly with the NAHRA MHR and GMHR, the last earned with me staggering about on a cane, something he never took advantage of. He also has a leg on his MH, but just prior to finishing his GMHR he was sucked into an intake pipe between ponds and lost half his hearing. No longer able to hear whistles at a distance or duck calls from throwers, he had to be retired from active field work, tho he does get a chance to play when other dogs are being trained. He also ran test dog for the WCQ land series at the 2005 CCRCA National test and I am proud to say he was the only one to do it without handling - he has passed the WCQ at least five times (I've lost count).
During his field career, Diver was also taking spins around the show ring. He finished his Ch by going Winners Dog at the 1995 CCRCA National Specialty, won BOS at the support in 2000 and is a multiple Group placer.
Since his retirement from active field work, Diver has taken up competitive obedience. He was already HIT at the 2000 CCRCA National Specialty and when he returned to obedience full time in 2003 he quickly added titles, was HIT at the 2002, 2003 & 2004 CCRCA National specialties as well as High Combined at the 2003 & 2004. He is a multiple all breed High in Trial winner in the US, Canada and Mexico as well as a multiple all breed High Combined winner in the US. He recently finished his OTCh and needs four more legs for his UDX4. In December of 2003 we attended the AKC Invitational in Long Beach and just barely missed getting an invite for the second day. We were also eligible to show in 2004 but decided to forgo the trip to Florida! He has already qualified for the 2005 event but I doubt we will go to Florida.
We have also been playing around in agility since 2003. Even tho I have very little time to train for it, Diver has had no trouble earning his titles with multiple placements. We plan to get his OAJ and then will drop back into the Preferred classes - since he cannot hear me at a distance reliably and I cannot run fast, we can't do the Excellent class. We may play around in NADAC and UKC agility and I'm hoping we will also be able to finally get around to tracking in 2005. Plus we played in the new Rally sport - he just finished his Rally Advanced title, with two Second and one First placements and his RE with a Second and a Third.
One of the most important things Diver does is act as my service dog. Since 2003, the winters have been very difficult for me to get around. He is great at this job too, tho he does have trouble ignoring someone that might want to pet him! ;-)

Diver has also proven himself as a sire, currently being the all time top Curly sire. Among many others, a multi-group winning son of his is the all time top winning Curly in Canada and was Winners Dog from the 12-18 class at the 1999 CCRCA National specialty, one son was Winners dog at the 1997 CCRCA support and another at the 2001. A daughter picked up both majors from the 6-9 class. A son is the second Curly Ch,MH as well as the first to have also passed the WCQ test, plus he is a multiple group placer in UKC.

Ch Charwin Fired Up,CD,WCX,JH,HOF Am/Can Ch Charwin Tea For Two,Am CD,Can UDT, Am/Can WC,NA,NAJ
Ch Pizzazz Firecracker, WC
Am/UKC Ch Charwin Tracer,WCQ,MH,ROM

Diver turns 13 on April 9, 2006 and I pray we still have many years together!

Diver says he is not spoiled...

Diver died of lymphoma on 2/6/06. A part of my heart died with him.
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