A History of Charwin Curlies

About Charwin Curlies: first and foremost, Charwin Curlies are bred for performance. Meaning many of our pups have high drive, meaning they can be hard to live with unless the owner also has high drive to DO things! Things like hunt tests, agility, daily jogs, flyball, whatever will keep their active minds and bodies occupied. And they want to do these things with their person - most of our dogs are happy to play whatever sport their owners prefer. Decades of participating in a variety of dogsports has been an extremely valuable education in the value of sound structure, solid temperaments, biddibility and drive, and I try to put these into every puppy we have. I have been linebreeding on the old New Zealand Waitoki line (and thru them, the Cairn Ryan dogs) thruout my Curly "career", the Waitokis being themselves line- and inbred and the source of multiple Dual and Field Chs in New Zealand.

Even though performance is our primary focus, we also expect that our dogs will be at least showable and many have done much better than that. So far from 17 litters, we have bred 52 Chs, including 10 Group placers, 2 National Specialty BOB winners, 2 National BOS, National BOS Sweeps and eleven others that were Reserve or better at the National.

Although we have never bred a BIS winner, others are able to do so using our dogs -

We also expect our dogs to be intelligent and biddable and this has been reflected in the obedience rings:

One of the major things that Charwin Curlies are bred for is field work. We are very proud of the fact that we have bred more field titled Curlies than any other US Curly breeder. Some of our record holders include -