Charwin High in Trial & High Combined wins


Strutter wins two High in Trials October 1986, the one on the left from judge Mrs. H. Fulker & the right from judge Kathryn Marshall.

Strut wins a HIT in Canada under Virginia Lynne on 4/5/86.

GMHR,Am/Can/FCI/Mex Ch, OTCh Charwin Diver Down,UDX3,Can UD,

Top left - High Combined, Chico Dog Fanciers, June 2003. Center - High in Trial and High Combined, Bonanza KC, September 2004. Right - High Combined, Golden Gate KC

Center left - High in Trial, Lewis Clark KC, April 2004. Center - High Combined, Coso KC, March 2005. Right - High Combined, Electric City KC, June 2004

Bottom left - High in Trial and High Combined, CCRCA, April 2004. Center - High Combined, Sacramento DTC, October 2004. Right - High Combined, Sun Maid KC, March 2005

High in Trial & High Combined, Greater Sierra Vista KC, May 2005 High in Trial, Flagstaff KC, June 2005

Diver winning HIT at the 2000 CCRCA National specialty from judge Betty Ribble. Diver winning back-to-back HITs in Canada August 2000

Diver winning back-to-back HITs in Mexico Jan 2002 from Shirley Indelicato.


Dodger's first HIT, CA, from Novice B 3/07 Number two, ID, from Open B 4/09 Number three, NV, from Utility B 9/09

Number four, MT, from Utility B 3/11 Dodger's first High Combined, CA, 3/09.
He was also High Combined at the 2009 CCRCA national.

Dodger was HIT & HC at both the CCRCA and NCCCRC specialties in 2010

And he was HIT & HC at the CCRCA specialty, and was High Combined at the NCCCRC specialty in 2011.

Ch Charwin Iced Tea,UD,OM1,BN,RE,WCX,JH,NA,NAJ

Teaz's first HIT, AZ, from Utility B Dec 2014

Two HITs and a HC in Montana June 2015

HIT CCRCA specialty, Sept 2015

Two HITs in Bozeman, March 2016