Oreo the kitten (also known as Pyscho Kitty) also retrieves - assorted crumpled papers,
leaves and strings - and delivers to hand by jumping on my stomach...:-)

Pyscho in attack mode, ready to spring on the "deadly" lazer dot!

Cool kitty, at about 3 years.

2/2005, at about 5 years

3/2006, being lazy

Kitty does agility! ;-)

Kitty has many toys - I haven't figured out if she thinks they are kittens or prey.
In these two pictures, it looks like she is thinking kitten...

Kitty, er, helping me work....

There are dogs in the house - Kitty pissed!

I guess that the lights are too bright...

Testing out a new crate

When it comes to eating, Kitty has no pride!

Late Sept 2008, with one of her toys.

Nov 2008 - Kitty lets Dodger share his bed with her...

...and the couch!

Dec 2008 - Kitty "helps" with wrapping the gifts!

Jan 2009 - Kitty's new bed!

July 2009
A short movie of Kitty and a bit of some of the fish.

Sleepy Kitty! Nov 09

Bah Humbug! Dec 09

Feb 2011

Another short video of Kitty!

A nice nap, Feb 2013

Shots of Kitty carrying her babies around, Aug 2013.

A trip to the vet Oct 2014. We are not amused!

Feed me!! Jan 2015

April 2015

Dec 2015

Jan 2016 - this is soooo true!
The cord on the couch arm is for a heating pad for her to keep warm.

Aug 2016 - it's HOT!

Dec 2016 - Kitty giving Sketcher the evil eye.

Jan 2017 - Kitty wishes to share my salad.

May 2017 - comfy on the bed!

Aug 2017 - Feed me breakfast human!

Nov 2017 - 18th birthday treats!

Feb 2018

April 2018 - Kitty allows Sketch on the bed

Aug 2018 - Kitty is glad I'm home!

Nov 2018 - Worlds Best Kitty turns 19 years!

Jan 2019 - Kitty demands water!

March 2019 - Kitty helping me drive. This is the last picture I took of her as she died just days later.

These comics are totally Kitty ;-)