Lucky Kitty is an important part of our travel team - without her,
we simply don't do well!
This is Lucky Kitty's usual spot, on the dash of my car.
LK on the way up to the top of the trailer's awning to have a look at Del Mar, July 2004, where Diver was doing ASCA obedience and AKC agility. That's Rick in the background. LK helped Diver earn his ASCA CDX with three First place wins and his first two NAJ legs with a Second and a Fourth.
Sometimes LK rides on the dash of the truck. That is the Event Center in Reno where LK helped Diver win another OTCh point.
Here is Lucky Kitty's first ride in the new truck - we are in the drive around at McD's on our way to the SCAT agility trial.
And, LK helped Diver earn his NAJ at this trial!
Next we went to Idaho Falls - its flat in southern Idaho...
Diver earned a couple of Fourths there.
The way home winds thru a rather narrow canyon in a corner of Arizona
We went to Helena, Montana where Lucky Kitty helped Diver win Open B for four more OTCh points!
It is turning to fall up in the north.
There was even some icky white stuff on the top of the Continental Divide - brrr!
In Idaho, LK helped me to not get a speeding ticket ;-)

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