We are home for most of July, so it was time to test out Teaz's agility ability! Rick drove us to a trial in Industry Hills, where I'd only entered one of the three days. In Jumpers, she was - uh - not focused? In Standard she got it together but I caused a refusal, and she had a couple of attention wandering moments, but we managed to eke out a Q, and Third place.

On way home, I shared my Jack in the Box with her, and she snoozed in the AC in the back seat of the truck.

Next we were off to Spokane with a full load. There weren't many flowers, but I did find a few.

The best we did for the weekend was Third in Utility, which wasn't worth any points, so fortunately there
were interesting things to do! There was swimming and running amok.

A trip to Wallace, ID to visit the final resting place of the last stoplight on the 90 freeway and the "center of the universe".

Some scenery on the way back.

Next was another agility trial, with Rick driving again so * horrors!! * Lucky Kitty got left home! Which must be why Teaz was so bad in Standard that I picked her up after three obstacles, but LK managed to get good vibes out for Jumpers, where Teaz did MUCH better and earned her first NAJ leg with Second place.


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