The next trip was to Great Falls for a match and four trials, with Teaz and Sketch, pulling the trailer. This club has great grounds to stay on, for cheap, so I was looking forward to a nice camping trip. It's a long drive, thru Las Vegas into this mountain, past Salt Lake City, Idaho, Helena and up the mountain to Great Falls.

Very little in the way of flowers this time of year, but wait! Is that a bit of red? Yes, it is!

And, that was the end of the dry weather. It started raining and pretty much didn't quit, so no camping!
The first trial, Teaz anticipated the down signal and blew First place. Sketcher debuted in Beginning Novice and despite a brain fart
requiring two recall commands, he got his first leg with Fourth place.

At the second trial, Teaz won Second in Utility for 2 more OTCh points and High Score Sporting. Sketcher had trouble at times and
I screwed up a sign in Rally but we managed to stumble to his first RN leg.

Trial three, Teaz won Second in Utility for one more OTCh point and High Sporting. Sketcher decided he had
been good puppy long enough so I picked him up from Beg Novice.

Looooog trip

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