We started out in Vallejo for two conformation shows, with a bald dog and an untrained puppy. No surprise, no wins! ;-) We spent a couple of days at Iris's house doing some training and shooing turkeys away. Then we headed off to Helena for four obedience trials.

The first day, Teaz won Utility for 6 more points. Apparently, some drivers don't believe how wide the turn is.

The second day, Teaz screwed up the signals, and Rapid was just Rapid in Open, but Sketch earned his second BN leg with Fourth place despite having a brain fart on the sit for exam. Not much for flowers again, just a scraggly knapweed in the fairgrounds parking lot.

The third day, Teaz blew a very nice score by not doing the signals again, Rapid got soooo close to Qing in Open, and Baby Dog saved the day by getting a perfect score in Rally, getting Third place due to speed (I did go faster than one other person!) and his second RN leg.

At the specialty agility trial, Teaz was the only Curly to qualify, winning First in Novice Standard with a perfect score.
If Mom hadn't made a fatal mistake in Jumpers we might have had two Qs!

photo by Bob Thompson

In the field, Teaz and Sketch earned their UWCs.

In obedience, Teaz was HIT from Open B and finished her OM1; and Sketch finished both his BN and RN winning both classes.

In conformation we stunk as usual but Bebe was BOS and her son was WD for a five point major.
The best we did was to win a two puppy class with Suede...

off we go!
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