After a whole week and a half of rest, we did a one day trial in Phoenix. Teaz was Second in Utility for
another OTCh point and Rapid earned his second CDX leg with Third in Open B.

In Boulder City for three trials, the first day Teaz has forgotten how to do articles, but Rapid came thru with a Fourth in open to finish his CDX.

Little teeny weeny pink flowers at the hotel.

The next day Teaz got it together and won Utility for 4 more points, and Rapid had the day off since he finished the day before.
Sketch was entered in Rally but I had to pull him due to conflicting with Utility.

I love these bronze Bighorn Sheep at a major intersection in Boulder City.

Teaz was, um, too happy on Sunday to Q, so we headed home. Saw a wild Deer/PT Cruiser hybrid on the road,
and stopped for some run amok time at Zyzzx Road.

A little agility at the end of the year; at the first trial right before Christmas Teaz finished her NA with First place.
This was the first trip in the new Lucky Kitty-mobile.

The next trial Teaz earned her second NAJ leg with Fourth place - she was perfect, I was slow. The weather left something to be desired ...

The next day Teaz finished her NAJ with Third place!

another year dawns

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