Next up was ASCA obedience and agility, where LK helped Dodger earn his first CDX leg with Third place...

...and his first Novice Regular leg with First place and first Novice Jumpers leg with Second place!
(I misread the sheets and thought it was Third at first, so the photo is wrong!)

There was an Army celebration next door

The GPS sent us an, er, interesting way to get there but we did find many nice wildflowers!

The next day LK couldn't keep Dodger from going down on the sit in the heat, but she did manage to get him to finish his ASCA RSN with two more Firsts and his ASCA JSN with another Second.

More flowers!

Next weekend, more agility. On Saturday the girls helped Dodger finish his AXJ with Fourth place.

The next day, Dodger earned his second AX leg with First place, and Bing won two Ch points.

A trip to Chula Vista and the Girls helped Dodger win 2nd in Utility for 12 more OM points.
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Icky wet stuff!