We spent a week running back and forth to San Marcos to see when Proxy would be ready to be bred to Tetley's frozen semen.
As usual, there are too many tourists on the road!

A little bit of interesting flora at Canine Cryobank - this palm and it's fruit.

Finally she was ready and Dodger and I accompanied LK to take Proxy to get her implant surgery.
We went to a nearby park while we waited. It has pretty flowers!

After that, apparently I hadn't driven enough as I had to take Bing to get her hips and eyes done. The vet clinic has a really nice door!

Now, I think I shall go sleep for a week...

Well, two weeks - the first weekend of August we were back doing agility,
where the girls helped Dodger earn his fourth MXJ leg with Third place, and 2 more MACH points.

The park had these beautiful flowers on trees with ferny leaves.

The next weekend we did agility AND dog show! LK helped Dodger earn his fifth MXJ leg,
and then helped Proxy win her first two Ch points, by going BOS over a Group winning special.

God my desk is a mess.. The next day LK helped Dodger finish his AX with Second place and earn his sixth MXJ leg with 3 more MACH points.
Then Lucky Kitty helped Proxy win a major! Plus she helped Prime win another three points.

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