Ch/OTCh Kolipo Plan B For Charwin, UDX, OM3, GN, ASCA CD, RE, WCQ, UWC, SH

Field training, 3/12/08 and playing in the sprinklers out back

Photos of her father Ralph at the 2008 CCRCA specialty, at 10 years.

March 2009 April 2009, at June Lake

Doing rally, then field at the CCRCA national specialty, 4/09.

Winning her second major. I had to hire a handler because I was in the obedience ring with Dodger at the same time -
I suppose that is what you have to do when you have a nice, sound dog that is "too small"... ;-)

High in Trial her first time in the ring! October 2010

Training at Curlyville, June 2013 Agility at the CCRCA specialty, Sept 2013

more field photos more obedience photos Proxy's training Blog

Proxy has had her eyes cleared (CERF #936/2013), her hips are OFA Good, her heart is OFA by echo, she is EIC cleared and she is GSD clear by parentage
She has 4 UDX2 legs, two GO legs, a Master Hunter leg, an HRC Seasoned leg, a NAHRA WR leg, a NA leg and two NAJ legs.
Her timeline is here.