Ch Pizzazz Hocus Pocus, BN, RN, WCX, SH

has been bred to Ch Charwin Outside The Lines, UDX, OM2, RE, WCQ, JH

"Harper" is in training for further field and obedience titles, has a CD leg with a class placement and just recently finished her SH. Her pedigree carries some top field and show dogs, which shows in her drive, biddability, soundness and beautiful type.

"Sketcher" has 41 OTCh points, three SH legs, a NAHRA WR leg, an HRC Seasoned leg and will continue to add more obedience and field titles. His father was Qualified All Age as well as a third generation MH, and his dam is a third generation Ch/OTCh. He is probably the best working Curly I have had my hands on and not bad looking either! Video of him running a land series in Senior here.

Both parents have OFA Hips & hearts. Harper carries for EIC but Sketcher is clear by parentage, so none of the pups will be affected; Sketcher carries for GSD but Harper is clear, so none of the pups will be affected. We offer tests of individual pups for those who don't want a carrier of either EIC or GSD.

Pups will be fully guaranteed, introduced to birds, and water depending on weather, and started on housebreaking. Given the pedigree for this litter, the pups cannot help but be everything a Curly should be!

Why this litter?