Ch Charwin Outside The Lines,UD,OM1,BN,RE,TKA,ASCA CD,


At Curlyville, May 2015.

Finishing his BN and RN at the 2015 CCRCA specialty.

March 2016, earning his second HRC Started leg.

August 2016.

October 2016.

Happy Valentines Day! 2017

With Suede, March 2017.

His first AKC HIT, May 2017.

HIT at the CCRCA National July 2017.

Earning his WCX there.

In Utility, Great Falls, September 2017.

Earning his second JH leg, November 2017.

Winning his first major, December 2017.

On his way to another High in Trial, March 2018.

April Fools! 2018

High in Trial and High Combined, April 2018.

High in Trial, CCRCA National June 2018

Earning his WCQ there.

Finishing his Ch there.

Sketch has 32 OTCh points, two ASCA CDX legs, nine UDX legs and one ASCA RA leg;
his hips are OFA Good and his eyes are 2017 CERF clear.
His timeline is here, his first year photos are here, and his pedigree is here