Ch, Mex/PanAm/FCI/U-Ch, ASCA OTCh, OTCh2 Charwin Outside The Lines, UDX6, OGM, BN, VER, RE, TKA, ASCA UD & RAX, U-CD, CA, WCQ, UWCX, SH, SR, HR, CGCA, SPOT-ON


At Curlyville, May 2015.

Earning his UWC at the 2015 CCRCA specialty.

His first AKC HIT, May 2017.

HIT at the CCRCA National July 2017.

Earning his WCX there.

In Utility, Great Falls, September 2017.

Earning his second JH leg, November 2017.

On his way to another High in Trial, March 2018.

Silly dog!

High in Trial and High Combined, April 2018.

High in Trial, CCRCA National June 2018

Earning his WCQ there.

Finishing his Ch there.

Second SH leg, February 2019.

Land series at a Senior test, 2-17-19

High in Trial, August 2019.

High in Trial and High Combined at the CCRCA national specialty, Sept 2019.

video of Open B, thanks to Buck Buchanan

Best of Opposite Sex in the Gun Dog Sweeps

Co-first winner with his sire of the Charwin Diver Down memorial versatility trophy , Sept 2019.

High in Trial and High Combined, Feb 2020.

On his way to High in Trial and High Combined, May 2020

High in Trial, Oct 2020

Open B run, Oct 2022, 2 1/2 months after major back surgery

Back to back HIT and HC, Dec 2022

2 HITs in March 2023

HIT April 2023

Candids from Oregon

HIT May 2023

Curlyville 2023, photos by Bob Thompson

HIT and HC, June 2023

HIT and HC, June 2023

HIT, July 2023

Select Dog at the NCCCRC specialty, handled by Leslie Puppo-Rogers

HIT and HC, November 2023

Finishing his OTCh2, Feb 2024

IVRC training day, May 2024. Photo by Janet Carolyn Brown

Sketch has 2 U-CDX legs, 2 NAHRA WR legs, 2 DJ legs, 1 Preferred Open leg and 3 GCh points;
his hips are OFA Good, his heart is OFA echo'd clear and his eyes are 2023 CERF clear; he is EIC clear and a GSD carrier.
His timeline is here, his first year photos are here, and his pedigree is here