The Current Herd

Ch, Mex/PanAm/FCI/U-Ch, ASCA OTCh, OTCh2 Charwin Outside The Lines,UDX6, OGM, BN, VER, RE, TKA, ASCA UD & RAX, U-CD, CA, WCQ, UWC, SH, SR, HR, CGCA, SPOT-ON

BISS,GCh Podunks Better Days Ahead,CDX,WCQ,UWC,MH, MHU *** x Ch/OTCh Charwin Iced Tea, UD, OM1, BN, RE, NA, NAJ, WCX, UWC, JH born 5/3/14.

At age 10, Sketcher's career is winding down but he still has a few plans left! - his page is here

Charwin Hillbilly Rockstar, BN, RE, ASCA BN & RN, WCX

"Cracker", by Sketcher out of Suede, the up and coming star. His page is here

Pipsqueak, better known as Pip or "bad cat!"

Even our cat is black! - his page is here

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